CR3 Online Platforms and Social Media – Policy and Procedure


Policy Statement

The purpose of the Online Platforms and Social Media Policy at Early Learning Centre is to create and maintain the safe use of online platforms and social media related to our service protecting the interest of staff, families, children and the business.


This policy applies to children, families, staff, management and visitors of the Service.

Background Early Learning Centre recognises that online interactions and use of technology is a large part of an individuals and business everyday life. Online and social media has the power to form genuine and caring connections and share valuable information quickly and effectively when used appropriately. Social media and online platforms also contribute to the protection of our environment which is one or our services key values.

Legislative Requirements

National Quality Standards

Quality Area 2
2.2 Safety Each child is protected
4.2.2 Professional standards Professional standards guide practice, interactions and relationships.
6.1 Supportive relationships with families Respectful relationships with families are developed and maintained and families are supported in their parenting role.
6.2.3 Community engagement The service builds relationships and engages with its community.
7.1.2 Management systems Systems are in place to manage risk and enable the effective management and operation of a quality service.

Education and Care Services National Regulations

168  Education and Care Services must have policies and procedures
181 Confidentiality of records kept by Approved Provider
195 Application of Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988
196 Modifications relating to National Education and Care Services Privacy Commissioner and Staff

Principles that Inform our Policy

All decision making about our Online Platforms and Social Media Procedure are carried out in accordance with the principles of our Online Platforms and Social Media Policy.

This policy and procedure relates to any online platforms or social media accounts developed by the service or used by staff and families that refer or impact the centre.

Online platforms and social media accounts may include but are not confined to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Email
  • Blogs / websites
  • Storypark
  • Qikkids
  • LinkedIn

Breach of policy:

  • The online platform or social media post / comment will be removed immediately
  • And investigation will be conducted in line with the Grievances and Complaints Policy

Key Terms

Term Meaning Source
Platforms Forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos) Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Storypark An app for Educators providing the ability to safely record children’s reactions, voices, views and thoughts about their learning via audio or video.
Qikkids An information technology and services provider specialising in the child care industry providing Child Care Subsidy Software and additional management solutions for Providers.

Links to other Policies

  • Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority
  • Guide to the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services
  • National Regulations
  • ECA Code of Ethics
  • Guide to the National Quality Standard
  • Revised National Quality Standard 2018
  • Privacy Laws

Induction and Ongoing Training requires that induction and ongoing training of all staff include the Online Platforms and Social Media Policy to enable staff to fulfill their roles effectively. In addition promotes information sharing at staff meetings, sharing of information received from industry trends or changes in legislation, and in consultation at policy review sessions.

Policy Created / Reviewed

Policy Created / Reviewed Modifications Next Review Date
Implemented February 2019   February 2020
February 2020 Addition of TikTok as a social media platform February 2021
August 2021 Reviewed policy following endorsement of the ECEC package August 2022

Monitoring, Evaluation and Review

This policy will be reviewed annually or on occurrence of any relevant legislative change. Management of will conduct reviews in consultation with educators at staff meetings.


As a service we strive to take advantage of the benefits of online platforms and social media while remaining committed to preventing inappropriate or disrespectful use of these platforms which may bring harm to staff, children, families or the business.

Management will:

  • Ensure staff and families are aware and comply with the Online Platforms and Social Media Policy
  • Seek written permission from families on enrolment to share photos or stories of their child on social media accounts owned by the service
  • Ensure the services use of social media account is respectful and positive manner
  • Social media accounts used by the service are private and only include stakeholders of the service and members are reviewed every 6 months
  • Personal and confidently information is never shared on social media accounts
  • Children and families are not identifiable on social media account unless written permission is obtained
  • When sharing personal of confidential information online this will be done through email and will only include the family involved
  • Ensure all service online systems at the service are not visible to families – such as Qikkids program
  • Ensure staff are trained to be safe online
  • Respond immediately and professionally to any suggestion of inappropriate action regarding online platforms and social media by actioning an investigation.

Educators will:

  • Comply with the services online platforms and social media policy
  • Consider the implications of any online platform or social media uploads and posts
  • Report any breaches of the online platforms and social media policy to management team immediately
  • Do not engage in harassment or bully like behaviour online
  • do not use online or social media platforms to search or privately add or talk to stakeholders for reasons beyond the workplace
  • Be mindful of referring to families and children on social media account, photos, names and personal references are unacceptable unless with permission
  • Remember that we are a community and what you put out into the world can be seen by our families and staff.
  • Do not use the company logo or images in personal account
  • Make comments or post information that could damage the reputation of the service of stakeholders

Appropriate use of personal and business online platforms and social media accounts

  • Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Blogs, Websites and LinkedIn – We must not share photos, video or information that will identify a child or family without permission. Preferable never on private accounts. We must not make comments or post statuses that refer specifically to a stakeholder or the business in a way that would damage the reputation of either.
  • TikTok and Snapchat – photos and videos of children and families should never be shared. Personal videos of participating staff in the centre uniform can be shared with the permission of those involved but must be of appropriate actions
  • Qikkids and Email – can include private and confidential information but must only be shared with the individual involved. Staff should not be emailing families from personal accounts or sharing information from Qikkids
  • Storypark – this is a safe place to share images and observation of children as well as general updates and share emails with individuals. All uploads need to be respectful and consider the dignity of the child and families


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