Our Philosophy

Little.ly Early Learning Centre philosophy


Little.ly is a warm homely space immersed in an atmosphere of joy, laughter and wellbeing.  A place that values the comfort of our families and promotes our children’s voices. The early years provide us with the privilege of working alongside children as they develop life skills and explore the world in a mindful way. We take pride in our natural organic-based learning environments and extend our commitment with a pledged to preserve the environment. We recognise the need to educate and include children in our sustainable practices to protect our environment today and for the children’s future.

Sense of Wellbeing

At Little.ly we value a holistic approach to children’s lifelong welfare. Looking at all aspects of living and the sense of being, belonging and becoming within our environment. Children will develop an identity that includes resilience, empowerment and the ability to make decisions and express ideas. Children are provided opportunities to be active and physical as well as rested and connected with themselves and others.


At every opportunity we promote a natural way of living. As a service we take our environmental responsibility to heart and have embedded ongoing sustainable practices that both our staff and children implement with pride. We hope to make a small difference to the environment and yet a huge difference in educating tomorrows future.


Learning is for life and every day is a new opportunity for discovery and growth. Our job is to prepare each child for the next phase of life. We pride ourselves on our implementation of The Framework and working alongside the children as learning is a shared experience. Educators observe, reflect and extend on the interest and needs of each individual child with a personalised and group program.

Families and Community
Families and Community

At little.ly we strive to nurture genuine relationships with our children, families and the wider diverse community. Our team and children engage in a variety of community projects promoting connections, cultural acceptance and teamwork. We promote collaboration with families and recognise you as the child’s first teacher. We hope that every family views our space as a harmonious second home.

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