Parent/Community Hub


Parent Support Resources

We have a great range of resources for parents and families . Whether your are first time parent or a experienced parent you can access our resources within for support and guidance

Links to Community Services

Our service values the support of the local and broader community , If you are new to the local area or want to access community groups your welcome to access our community connections

Current Community Projects

Our children’s and educators are always collaborating on different projects and connections that link to our community . Take a look at our current community projects to see what our children’s have been working on within the curriculum

Kindergarten Orientation

Transitioning to Kindergarten is a exciting milestone for every child and their families. Early Learning Centre want to make sure this transition is enjoyable, engaging and supportive for both children and families . Find out more about out transiton process within


Our monthly newsletter includes
– Events and reminders for the upcoming month
-What our children and educators have been working on within the month
-Helpful tips and tricks

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