Our Rooms


Scarlett Oak (6w-12M)

Our nursery is a safe place for babies to explore and learn at their own pace. Offering nurturing care and routines to meet our babies’ individual need sand comfort. Our educators are passionate about supporting children through their first year of milestones


Willow Oak (1-2y)

Our mobile babies room is warm and comforting. As the children are on the move we offer a good balance of nurturing and care as well as agency with lots of different play spaces indoors and outdoors for them to develop and strengthen skills


Bur Oak (2-3y)

Our toddlers room is fun and unhurried environment that encourages the children to find their voice and agency. It’s a vital time for children to explore and develop self-help skills. There are abundant interesting challenges and also reassuring comforts thanks to home-like touches.


Chestnut Oak (3-4y)

Our pre kinder room focuses on independence and self-learning. Our children are encouraged to explore friendships, ask why and investigate their own ideas and interest. With a holistic view to education and a variety of resources every child will be stimulated and challenged


Valley Oak (4-5y)

The Kinder room is a child’s final learning space before school, with a experienced Kinder teacher we provide a first class school readiness program that focuses on much more then reading and writing. The environment is inclusive and collaborative and encourages developing independence, building friendships and confidence through these years

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