Current Community Projects

Supporting local community and families Early Learning Centre understands the importance of being an active member of the community. We pride ourselves on our community connection and are grateful for the support and guidance they give our service, children’s and families. 

Connecting children’s with the community provides children’s the opportunity to learn the importance of unity and giving as well as developing an understanding of acceptance and kindness Early Learning centre engages in a  wide variety of incursions and excursions connecting children to community groups.

Our service is currently running the following community projects. 


Dentist visits 

Did you know it’s recommended that children visit the dentist starting at 12 months of age?

Here at we make visiting the dentist fun and engaging with local dentists visiting our children and families every three months.

visiting our friends at the local age care facility  

Every fortnight our children visit their friends at the local aged care facilities . Our children love to shares games and songs with their friends and are always enthralled in the stories they hear .

Local grocery store 

 Once a month our Pre kinder and Kindergarten children go on a excursion to the local grocery store with the centre chef . The children collaborate and collect fruit for morning tea . Don’t forget we also grow a range of our own veggies and what we don’t use if offered in a basket at the front door to all families